WA Schools ATAR Ranking# History 2011 to 2021

Note that no ATAR Rankings were calculated by SCSA in 2022.
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#SCSA published median ATAR achieved by students in schools with at least 20 eligible Year 12 students between 2011 and 2020. The West Australian newspaper used freedom of information laws to access the same data in 2021 and printed it in its 11 January 2021 edition. In 2022, SCSA did not calculate this data and so it was not available under FoI. In 2014 a much smaller cohort existed (due to a change in school starting age introduced several years earlier) and led to an upward blip for many schools that year. The ranking method changed in 2016 from 'schools with the highest proportions of students who demonstrated high or excellent achievement in Stage 3 of a course (WACE course score of 65 or higher)' to 'median ATAR achieved by students in school'. Historical data sourced from SCSA and The West Australian.

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