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Programs for Casio fx-CG 10/20/50/AU models

Heaps of free resources for Casio fx CG 10, 20, 50 and AU models on these new pages and more coming! Make sure you read our download guide for help with installing programs and eActivities into your calculator. If you're using the fx-CG Manager, read this guide instead.

We've put together a handy collection of programs for Year 10, 11 and 12 students studying the Australian Senior Mathematics courses in states where this calculator is approved for use. Listing is alphabetical.

To have a look at the code or edit a program, use the password FXNEWS. If we didn't do this, pressing EXIT jumps a user straight into the code and experience has shown us that often ends in tears for the inexperienced!

AP program. Use to solve and display arithmetic sequences. Enter known first term and common difference or any two terms of the sequence. Solves for terms and sums of AP's backwards and forwards.

CMPLXNUM program. Use to find roots and powers of complex numbers and convert between polar and rectangular forms.

COPRIMES program. Use to list the coprimes of n, between 1 and n.

FACTORS program. Use to list all factors of n (integer).

FINDRULE program. Use to find the relationship between a set of paired variables. programs tests for linear, quadratic, power and exponential rules.

GP program Use to solve and display geometric sequences. Enter known first term and common ratio or any two terms of the sequence. Solves for terms and sums of GP's backwards and forwards and also sum to infinity.

GTHDECAY program. Use to find exponential relationship in form y=a(r)^x from two points.

HERON program. Use to find semi-perimeter and area of triangle given all three side lengths.

LATLONG program. Use to solve distance problems on surface of earth given latitudes and longitudes.

LINEAR program. Use to find linear relationship in y=mx+c and ax+by=c forms, from (i) gradient and point or (ii) two points.

NUMSEQS program. Use to generate n terms of sequence of prime, square, triangle or Fibonacci numbers.

PASCALCO program. Use to list coefficients of row n of Pascal's triangle (0≤n≤336).

PRIME program. Use to find if n is prime. Returns smallest factor if composite.

PRIMFACT program. Use to find the prime factorisation of n.

QUADSOLV program. Use to convert between expanded, factored and completed square forms of any quadratic and find roots (even if complex).

REPAY program. Use to solve reducing balance loan problems, including creating an interest and repayment table in Stats.

SLOPEFLD program. Use to draw differential equation slope field. Enter dy/dx in Graph Y1 slot (*using X and/or Y) and set required V-Window first. Option to add a solution through a point. *NB Use x/θ/t or ALPHA X for X and ALPHA Y for Y.

TRISOLVE program. A must for all courses! Use to solve a triangle given various side and angle combinations.

VCT~C2GO program. Vectors, 2D. Calculate course to steer from A to B, given wind/current as a vector and the maximum speed of boat/plane. Bonus: return journey B to A!

VCT~DIV program. Vectors, 2D or 3D. Calculate position vector of point that divides interval AB in ratio m:n.

VCT~PROJ program. Vectors, 2D or 3D. Calculate scalar and vector projection of A onto B.

VCT~TWO program. Vectors, 2D or 3D. Enter two vectors and calculate sum, difference, magnitudes, dot and cross products.


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