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Casio Solutions comes from a background of successfully designing and creating some of the leading applications and programs for Casio graphics calculators users in Australia. Over the past twenty years we have developed specialized expertise with all Casio graphics calculators and ancilliary equipment for the education market.

ClassPad is a touch screen, CAS enabled, programmable graphics calculator. The huge screen and easy to use interface makes it a great tool for students and teachers. A wealth of materials exist to get newcomers started when exploring eActivities, spreadsheets and so on.

fx-9860 programmable graphics calculator models continue to push developing technology to its limits whilst at the same time offering a simple and intuitive user interface. Now well established around the world, we have many resources to take advantage of all its features.

Other Calcs. Casio Solutions was originally created for users of the CFX9850G range of graphics calculators. Over time this site has evolved to keep abreast of the latest technology, but a huge amount of original material related to the CFX, Algebra FX and FX7400 models can be accessed via these pages.

For ClassPad training visit ClassPad Help for free video help or The Tuition Centre in Claremont WA to register for paid training.

New for 2017

We've just updated these pages and gone mobile friendly, so now our site should be easy to read and navigate on any device.

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