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ClassPad OS Update

ClassPad II (new, black body)

Why update your ClassPad OS? Because you'll get access to new features and tools but more importantly you'll end up with the most bug-free OS.

The short video below goes through how to update the OS of your ClassPad II, from how to find the update tool on the site to tips on running the update on your Mac or PC. Warning: As the Casio website is constantly evolving, some of the pages visited are likely to look a bit different...

ClassPad 330 (old, silver body)

Casio haven't released any new OS updates for this old clunker for many years, but head off to the handheld updates page at and see how your OS compares. The update process is pretty similar to that outlined above for ClassPad II.


We updated these pages in 2017 and went mobile friendly, so now our site should be easy to read and navigate on any device.

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