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ClassPad Functions

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ClassPad Functions

All functions on this page are compatible with both ClassPad and ClassPad II.

Functions are an easy way to extend the abilities of your ClassPad.

Make your own functions in Main using Interactive/Define - visit Classpad Help Series and checkout videos 043, 044 and 045 for help with how to do this.

Storing functions in the Library folder on your ClassPad enables their use in all apps and in eActivities. Visit Classpad Help Series and checkout video 983 for help with this. You can also store (and automatically save) functions just within an eActivity.

Function listing

  • cis : Enter complex numbers in easy polar (cis) form
  • fib : In decimal mode, returns nth Fibonacci number
  • pic : Calculates probability of choosing (without replacement) x objects with given attribute from n objects drawn at random from a population of N objects of which A have given attribute. Syntax pic(N,A,n,x). (Same as inbuilt HypergeoPDF function, but returns exact values in Standard mode).
  • tri : Returns nth Triangle number

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