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The ClassPad eActivities and programs below have been created by Charlie to assist students sitting Yr11 and 12 ATAR math exams. They are are continuously improved/updated and are copies of those used at student seminars and teacher workshops and conferences.

You might also want to take a look at other pages on this site and ClassPad Help Series for information about best to use individual eActivities and programs. In particular, watch video 991 or read the documents on the helpsheet page that explain how to download and get eActivities, programs, etc into your ClassPad.

More information can also be found on these pages out: mini-programs, programs, functions and eActivities.

Note that the Apps/General course is WACE Applications, VCE Further/General, SACE General and QCE General.

Yr11 Apps/General U1&2

Yr12 Apps/General U3&4

Yr11 Methods U1&2

Yr12 Methods U3&4

Yr11 Specialist U1&2

Yr12 Specialist U3&4


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