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    Game sites!

    If you couldn't find the game you're looking for on the games page then start looking at some of these other Casio sites!

    No more typing!
    Mail order your PC - Calc cable and then download the free Casio FA-122 software or FA-123 software to load programs and games straight into your calculator! You can also free up your calculator memory by storing notes, programs, etc on your PC. Also available: Calc - Calc cables.

    The games sites...

    • The AT Casio Page . Here you'll find lots of programs and games for CFX-9x50G in *.cat format - great to download straight into your calc!
    • Casio KingdomA Casio site featuring quality CFX-9850 games and programs created by Sean Tan. New games and programs are added regularly and are exclusive to Casio Kingdom.
    • Casio Support from SilverSTone offers plenty in the way of support, programs. Heaps of programs, mainly for fx 9700/7700. Also the home of a Casio Mailing List. Email with subscribe as the subject.
    • CAT-files by Juha Laurila has some of the best games and they're ALL in cat format!
    • Games from MADMANU for Casio calculators.
    • Casio Calc Hideout by Joao Carolino is aimed at CFX users who want programs in *.cat format (or *.cas or *.txt). Lots of games, a few programs and links to other sites.
    • Casio Vaults by Derek Cross is very games focussed. Some technical stuff too.
    • Casio Page by David Wolfe is for Simpson fans who want some *.cat programs to produce pictures of Bart, etc!
    • Sanoy's Casio games is 99% games in text format.
    • Rolf Klausens Casio Site has games by himself and others in text and zip formats.
    • Bard's Casio Games has a few games in text format.
    • Calculator Homepage has a set of programs in cas and cat formats collected from the best of the web.
    • Jack's page of Calculator Games has a few games written for the fx-9750G.
    • Steve King's Casio Calcs has a zip file of some of the common Casio games in cat format.
    • Casio Programs by Tristan.
    • Marcus's Casio site has games and maths programs (how's your Swedish?)
    • Eric's Casio Page just a few games.
    • Juha Laurila's new CFX-site with Games, Demos, Background Pictures, Screenshot Pictures.
    • Casio Programs Avenue has a pile of stuff.. programs, games and all the old chestnuts.
    • Jaakko Heinonen's Homepage has programs, games, etc in *.cat format. No more typing!
    • CasiOS claims to be 'the Casio Games Database'.
    • Ekerhult's electrical site has the usual games, utility programs and cable circuit.
    • CFX bits'n'bytes has original games and programs for the Casio cfx9850 calculator by J�rg Rockstroh
    • Xizard web site is a top site if your French is good - Le site le plus detaill� consacre aux calculatrices Casio
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