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    Getting Technical

    Want to find PC-Calculator software and hardware? Or get in touch with Casio hackers? The links from this page cover technical aspects of the Casio graphing calculators.

    No more typing!
    Mail order your PC - Calc cable and then download the free Casio FA-122 software or FA-123 software to load programs and games straight into your calculator! You can also free up your calculator memory by storing notes, programs, etc on your PC. Also available: Calc - Calc cables.

    Thanks Microsoft!
    A big thanks to the guys at Microsoft for taking over the *.cat extension for their 'security catalogs' - something you'll discover when you install IE5. Double clicking a Casio program catalog no longer opens the file with the FA-122 software unless you (a) remove the security catalog from registered file types and (b) create a new type with (i) any description such as 'Casio program file', (ii) 'application' as the mime type, (iii) 'cat' as the default extension, (iv) create a new action called 'open' which uses c:\\FA-122\fa122.exe (or other path) as the application to perform the action. The same applies if you are using the FA-123 software.

    The links...

    • Programmable CalculatorsWell worth a visit to this 'museum' - an archive of all programmable calculators, including over 100 Casio models. Basic specifications for all known models, plus new section on manuals.
    • Turn Lists into Excel data using the utilities recommended on my EA-100 data logging activities page.
    • Analog interface for the Casio calculator by Alberto Ricci Bitti. This is a non-commercial site and includes schematics, parts list, software, how the circuit works and details about the protocol used.
    • Casio Calculator Hacking - A frames based site including: (a) CaS is software to access the file formats in the calculator, allowing the conversion of plain textfiles to CAS files, ready for transmission to the calculator. (b) A small selection of programs stored as plain text files compatible with CaS. (c) Design for a Calculator to PC linking cable. (d) More Casio Calculator Links.
    • Xchange PC-Calculator software from Brian Stewart, who is developing a program to allow any Windows PC to communicate with any Casio Graphics Calculator.
    • Guide to programming Casio Graphical Calculators and a whole heap more (encyclopedia, etc) by Tom Lynn.
    • Acorn computer to Casio interfacing offers help to do just that!
    • Link Up software to interface between a PC and calculator.
    • Link cables can be ordered from this Canadian site.
    • The Narm's Casio Page is home to CasPc, an emulator to run Casio calculator code on a PC, and CasPaint, a dos utility to draw a picture on your PC and turn it into Casio calculator code. Plus programs, tips, etc.
    • Milan Urosevic is selling cables from his site (German based). Also diagrams, etc if you want to try making your own.
    • Martin Poupe says 'All important informations about CASIO calculator hacking you can find only here.'
    • Larry's Casio PC-link is selling cables from his US based site.
    • Marsin sells cables from Poland to link a PC to scientific calculators, digital diaries and digital cameras. Also free technical advice if you like a bit of DIY.
    • Casio Corner by Yuri Schaeffer & Wouter van Gulik. features here because of the cable circuit (It's the official patented Casio version). Also games, programs and lots more.
    • DD-Link is the name of PC link software for all the old and new Casio digital diaries and pocket viewers by Zoltan Babos.
    • Casio/Boss Interfacing is more to do with interfacing PC - Casio Organisers, but has a choice of 4 cable circuits which will work with calculators and lots of technical details and links.
    • Patent details for official Casio interface from US Patent server.
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