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Games, games and more games. Over 100 games to download. With the Casio software and a cable you'll be playing in less than a minute!
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    Free games! These games are all in *.cat format for easy download into your CFX model calculator. Games tend to run much slower on the new CFX colour graphical calculators than the older models - something to do with the display software writing to the screen 3 times (once for each colour) rather than once for plain old black. This hasn't deterred the programmers who wrote the 100+ games below though!

    No more typing!
    Mail order your PC - Calc cable and then download the free Casio FA-122 software (recommended) or newer FA-123 software to load programs and games straight into your calculator! You can also free up your calculator memory by storing notes, programs, etc on your PC. Also available: Calc - Calc cables.

    The games...
    Games rated from 5 down to 1 star and then arranged alphabetically. Links to author will either take you to their site or start an email to them. Apologies to authors who are not credited correctly - please let me know!

    Archery*****A TindlundArchery game with lots of options
    Battaile Navale*****X IzardBattleships for 2 players
    Centipede*****L AurelienMixed Nibbles and Pacman
    Culdfut***** Role playing
    Demine*****X IzardMine Sweeper
    Dropzone1.2*****O StenroosYou fall but have to make it to the end of the screen, without crashing to the walls.
    Final Fanasy 7*****SimSoftPlatform adventure
    Gold Mine*****A TindlundCollect gold without crashing
    Indy 1000*****A TindlundFast car race
    Indy 500***** Car race
    IQMax*****NarmNumber game against calculator
    Jokers Wild*****I-K SimRecreates the Casino Video Poker game - Jokers Wild
    Pipeline*****X IzardPipeline
    Poker Machine*****J RockstrohPoker machine where you insert coins to play.
    Puissance 4-2*****X Izard 
    Snarf*****A Tindlund7 level worm
    Tetris*****R AnthinOriginal Tetris
    Top Gun*****J VanierFlight simulator
    Triple Worm*****O StenroosCollect the green dots as they appear at the screen
    Virtual Boxing*****M CarpentierBoxing with lots of variations
    Worms*****Y GavrandLots of programs
    Asteroids****Hidetake JoSnake through asteroid field
    Bomberman****BenoitFrench. Lots of small programs.
    Bombrun****T Lynn 
    Break Out Gold****Hidetake Jo 
    California Games****L AurelienSurfing, skating, footbag, etc.
    Cricket****C ScottCricket sim - added Jan 2002, lots of little progs
    Demineur****MadManuMine Sweeper
    Doom****R MackrellLots of little programs. The 4, 8 and 6 keys are used to navigate, and the 5-key to shoot
    Galactix****J VanierSpace shooter
    IQ Max-Multi****NarmPick numbers in rows and columns
    Mark Menu****M VernonLoad of games and stuff in one cat file with a menu
    Mighty Medawar****A TindlundRole playing - kill the invading monsters
    Mine Sweeper****NarmMine sweeper
    NFS2000**** Fast car racing
    NHL99****O StenroosBeat the hockey goalie - 2 player. Move with left and right keys and shoot with EXE.
    Nibbles****J Lerenius 
    Nim****NarmLast to go loses
    Pacman****M LundstromPacman
    Pacman**** Pacman, 3 levels
    Pacman****R AnthinPacman
    Platform****L Aurelien 
    Pool****J NoelPool
    Q-Bert****T LynnRun across all levels of the pyramid
    Race 3****X IzardCar racing
    Rally****J HeinonenSteer the dot - car racing
    Soccer****C ScottSoccer sim - added Jan 2002, lots of little progs
    Star Eater****K HarwissEat stars in as short a time as possible - like Pac-man
    Super Mario Land****R Anthin4 levels, difficult controlsControls:# Jump= shift# Right= right-arrow# Left= left-arrow# Down= down-arrow
    Super Street Fighter****M NagotFight against the calculator
    TicTacToe****S MasonTic Tac Toe
    XO-Deluxe****NarmSame TIC TAC TOE, better than XO-GOLD
    XO-Gold****NarmTic Tac Toe v calc
    X-Wing****J RockstrohX-Wing is a space shooter with no deeper story
    X-Worm 2.0****J Heinonen1 level worm. Use 8, 6, 2, 4 keys to navigate
    Aliens***O SMove with <- and -> keys. Shoot with EXE.
    Avion***L Aurelien 
    Black Jack*** Card game against calculator
    Confusion*** Find the pair
    Deathtrap Dungeon***J Rockstroh RPG� Long time ago a warlock lived in the high mountains of Avalon�
    Detour***J FritzCar driving game
    Dodge 2*** Don't crash your space craft
    DownHill Ski***O StenroosSki down a mountain hill. You are the H-sign. Arrows to move L & R.
    Dragon Quest*** Role play
    Get The Numbr***  
    Horse Race*** Bet on horse race
    Indycar***I-K SimCar racing
    Klax***R AnthinLet blocks fall on each other in triples of each kind.
    Land of Wars***NarmCollect boxes
    Memory*** Find the pairs (of numbers)
    Micro Machines***  
    Minigolf***A RaudMinigolf
    Mortal Kombat***P PizzoTan key throws a fireball, --> key does a spin kick, cos key does an uppercut and F2 key does a fatality
    Pendu 4***X Izard 
    Pong Pro***M Lundstrom2 player
    Puzzle***Narm8 digit puzzle
    Puzzler***H StordahlArrange numbers in given order
    Race***M LundstromCar race
    Speed Limit***O StenroosChange speed with function keys - to drive the same speed as limit.
    Street Fighter***P PizzoFight against the calculator
    Super Sniper***J VanierHit the little target located on the ground.
    Worms***D T 
    X Wing Gold***D Cross 
    X-game***M LundstromFast Eye - count the x's
    Basketball**P PizzoBasketball
    Bomb** Save the world by guessing the 4-digit code
    Bricks 2**  
    Elite** Guide a ship through a meteor storm
    Gissa**M Lundstrom 
    Invaders** Space invaders
    Knight** Run around over all the X's
    Robin Hood** Arrow shooting game
    Soccer Shooting**A Somers2 player soccer
    TacToe**J CarolinoTic Tac Toe
    Casionoid*J HeinonenArkanoid game
    Klocka* Clock
    Yatzy*C Reyes2 player
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