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    There are plenty of interesting sites with a wealth of information and help for Casio graphics calculators. Those that I have come across are listed here under one of the headings Math, Games, Technical and Other. Many sites fit more than one category, but have only been listed in their predominant group.

    • MATH - The sites listed here have some degree of mathematical content for users of Casio CFX graphics calculators. Most have program downloads in *.cat format. Some sites are aimed at older models, but have valuable ideas or programs on offer.
    • TECHNICAL - Want to find PC-Calculator software and hardware? Or get in touch with Casio hackers? The links from this page cover technical aspects of Casio graphing calculators.
    • GAMES - Games tend to run much slower on the new colour graphical calculators than the older models - something to do with the display software writing to the screen 3 times (once for each colour) rather than once for plain old black. This hasn't deterred the list of programmers here though!
    • OTHER - The sites here are aimed at other models and brands of graphics calculators. I have also included a few miscellaneous Casio related pages. Some of these links may be outdated as they don't get checked very often.
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