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    Casio Math Sites

    The sites listed below have some degree of mathematical content for users of Casio CFX graphics calculators. Most have program downloads in *.cat format. Some sites are aimed at older models, but have valuable ideas or programs on offer. The sites are grouped into Official, Australian, Other and Broader Based (ie non-Casio specific).

    A Group Of 'Official' Casio Sites:

    • Australian Casio Education Site. ACES is a site dedicated to providing support to educational users of Casio hand-held technology and includes Services, TEAMS Schools, Classroom Resources, Technical Support and Reflections & Reviews.
    • The Casio Classroom. From The University of Central Florida, this huge site is aimed at the USA market, but is also developing into a great resource for others too. Covers everything from instant maths and science lessons, programs, data-logging activities to product guides and more.
    • Support Classroom with Technology. This education part of the official Casio Japan site is beginning to be worth a regular check to see the latest offerings. It has plenty of CFX9850G specific teaching notes and ideas, mostly in PDF file format, so you'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader software - follow links from the site.

    Australian Sites:

    • Barry Kissane's new graphics calculator site is well worth a visit. His wealth of experience with technology in math education is reflected in the diversity of the material available.
    • Ed Dept, WA has a huge new resource base from which teachers can gain information and exemplars about incorporating graphics calculators and their use in the classroom.
    • OT Lee's site has some new and innovative teaching materials for use with graphics calculators and also information about his many publications.
    • Graphics Calculator Programs in *.cat format from the TAME project, aimed at assisting in the teaching and learning of mathematical ideas. Whilst at this University of Melbourne site you may want to visit the Technology and Mathematics Education (TAME) Web Forum and the VCE Graphics Calculator Project for some more ideas on graphics calculators in the high school classroom.
    • Graphic Calculator Support Materials. A small sample of materials developed by teachers in the AAMT LUDDITE Project including Sample Tasks and Key Procedures.
    • Lumat On The Net is a joint initiative by Casio Australia and Prince Alfred College, S. Australia. The site supports teachers integrating technology into teaching and learning mathematics.
    • Casio School Calculators - (Specialty Enterprises Pty. Ltd.). Mainly sales talk about some of the Casio range, but has a growing collection of WWW links.

    Other Sites:

    • CASPRO 99 is back! Roy MacLean has found a new home for his in depth look at Casio graphics calculators. Well worth a visit - even if the 80 or so programs aren't in *.cat format.
    • Using the Graphics Calculator by T3 Mathematics (not to be confused with Australian T-Cubed) has ideas based on the 7700, but can easily be adapted for other calculators. The base site Graphics Calculators has other excellent materials and is well worth a look if you are involved with education.
    • Supercalculators through the curriculum project is a calculator project from Northern Ireland. Activities for both Casio fx models and some TI calcs. Note KS3 (Key Stage 3) - ages 11 to 14, KS4 - ages 15 to 16 and A'level - ages 17 to 18.
    • Casio Program Archive (not active but a great archive) is good value, with plenty of maths, chemistry, physics and other programs for the Casio fx-9700, fx-7700 and the new cfx-9800g. Hidetake Jo created this site, now archived by Brian Hetrick. Brian also has his own Casio site.
    • Calculator Program Distribution site by Ted Cannelongo. Here you will find maths programs written for both the Casio (but not yet in *.cat format) and TI calculators, as well as links to other sites with information on programming and archives of programs for the TI.
    • Casio Graphing Calculator Activities for the Classroom. A 'different' set of activity worksheets which look well presented and good fun.
    • Ryan Baker has some stuff from Caspro - see above.
    • Lucio's site from Portugal is in Portugese, but there's some interesting stuff there.
    • CasioX (Caspar Verhey) is a site (in Dutch) about programming Casio-calculators.

    Broader Based Sites:

    • Math Forum - Mathematics Calculator Resources on the WWW.
    • AAMT - The home of Australian Math Teachers.
    • Prof. Bert K. Waits' Home Page has some interesting info relevant to maths and technology
    • IJCAME - International Journal of Computer Algebra in Mathematics Education
    • B Kutzler - page about Technology in Mathematics Education
    • TSM - Technology for Secondary and College Mathematics is based at Oundle School, UK, promoting the use of technology in the teaching of mathematics at secondary and college level.
    • Graphing Calculator Page hosted by T-Cubed, or Teachers Teaching with Technology. This is a Swinburne University (Victoria, Australia) School of Mathematical Sciences initiative. To quote their publicity 'T-Cubed is a teacher professional development organisation whose emphasis is on the effective incorporation of graphic calculators and data loggers into Australian classrooms'. Not much on offer for Casio users when I last visited (Sept '97), but may develop.
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