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    Guide to Printed Resources

    There are many publications written to help graphics calculator users. Some are specifically for certain brands and models whilst others are of a general nature.

    Casio Specific:

    • Casio Graphics Calculator Investigations is a supplement to the Heinemann Outcomes: Mathematics 7-10 series and contains 23 mathematical investigations with screen dumps and key strokes for the CFX and FX models.
    • Mathematics with a Graphics Calculator: Casio FX-7400G by Barry Kissane. First published 1996. Excellent workbook for both students and teachers. If you are serious about using all the features of the FX-7400 efficiently then you must get a copy. See next item for ordering details or visit Barry's site.
    • More Mathematics with a Graphics Calculator: Casio CFX-9850G by Barry Kissane. Another must have. Throw out the user manual and learn with this workbook. First published 1997 at cost of A$20. Assumes no prior knowledge and 200 pages cover mathematics from Year 7 to Tertiary entrance. Order or enquire by email to the Mathematical Association of WA (, phone (08) 9345 0388 or visit the MAWA web site.
    • Exploring Maths Problems with the Casio fx-9700GH by Ian Lowe and Chris Barling. Aimed to assist students in the efficient use of their calculators - as a complement to regular text books. $15 approx. Don't know how much of this publication will transfer to the CFX9850G which is set to make the 9700 obsolete by price and features.... From Longman Publishers, free Ph 1800 656 685.
    • An Introduction to Mathematics with a Graphics Calculator by Rod Barrett of Wesley College, Perth, WA. A getting started course of 8 lessons for the Casio fx9700. Available from A&M Bookshop, Tel (08) 9354 1400, or write to 28 Kembla Way, Willetton, 6155, WA. Around $11.


    • Graphics Calculators in the classroom by T Andrews and B Kissane. A compilation of Australian articles and activites looking at ways of teaching mathematics using graphing calculator functions. From Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers.
    • Graphing Calculator Activities - exploring topics in Algebra I and II by Charles Lund and Edwin Andersen (both from schools in Minnesota, USA) published by Addison-Wesley. A relatively old publication (1992) but full of useful ideas and worksheets. It may be hard to find a copy for sale now, but try Objective Learning Materials, PO Box 120, GLEN WAVERLEY, Victoria, 3150. Ph (03) 9803 2822. Fax (03) 9887 9495. I think they have some at $21.95 each.
    • Graphic Algebra. Explorations with a function grapher. Teacher and Student versions. Encourages students to move easily between numeric, symbolic and graphic representations of functions. Curriculum Corporation, St Nicholas Place, 141 Rathdown Street, Carlton, VIC 3053. Tel (03) 9639 0699. Fax (03) 9639 1616.
    • Advanced algebra through data exploration a graphing calculator approach. (grades 10-12). A huge 900+ preliminary soft-cover edition student text for use with any graphics calculator, and a teacher guide of nearly 300 pages. From Objective Learning Materials. (see above).
    • A graphing matter Activities for easing into algebra (grades 7-10). Aims to engage students with concrete problems through data collection, patterns and relationships. Another OLM item.
    • Exploring calculus with a graphing calculator Beckmann and Sundstrom, 1992. (Grades 10-12). Explorations to help students make sense of symbols and theorems of first year calculus. Special appendices to adapt materials specifically for Casio or TI graphics calculators. $30. Published by Addison Wesley. Try OLM
    • Graphing calculator precalculus lab manual (Grades 10-12). Step by step intro to using graphics calculators in mathematics instruction. Programs and solutions are keyed to the TI-81 and Casio 7700. From OLM.
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