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    Other Links And Info

    The sites below are aimed at other brands of graphics calculators. I have also included a few miscellaneous Casio pages. Some of these links may not work as they don't get checked very often.



    • Sharp Calculators, etc. Official Site Japanese site with not much more than glorified product reviews.


    HP : Other Resources

    • Edith Cowan University, at $15, publish the succinctly named "The use of the Graphics Calculator in the Upper Secondary Mathematics Classroom (An Introduction using the HP38G Graphics Calculator)". Give SASTEC a ring on (08) 9370 6344 for ordering details.
    • Another Perth teacher, Colin Croft, has written "Mastering the HP38G, A Student Guide". Completed in early '97, the guide covers all a high school student is likely to need to use the HP38G well - including warnings about how to avoid some hidden dangers. A$12.45 from A&M Bookshop Tel (08) 9354 1400 (or follow the link above to Colin's Home Page) for more info.
    • Yet another Perth teacher, Jim Claffey (now retired) has also written a 'user friendly' student/teacher guide to the HP38G - The HP38G Graphic Calculator Beginner's Guide costing $20. Jim is also offering to run in-services at commercial rates on the HP38G, Casio 9850G and fx7400G and Sharp EL9300 calculators and also PC packages such as Excel, Autograph, etc. Ring him on (08) 9386 7771 for orders and more info.


    • Subscribe to the TI graphing calculator newsgroup by email to with SUBSCRIBE Graph-TI in body of message (no subject) or the more technical Calc-TI group with SUBSCRIBE Calc-TI in body.
    • Texas Instruments. Official calculator site. USA.
    • Email for answers to technical and programming problems with any TI graphing calculator.
    • TI Calculator Center. This site is designed to serve as a nexus for information concerning the TI series of graphing calculators, from available software to purchasing information. USA.
    • TI-82 Programs from TAME - University of Melbourne. The aim of the Technology and Mathematics Education (TAME) Web Forum is to develop and support a network of Australian mathematics educators at primary and secondary schools in their attempts to incorporate technology assisted approaches to mathematics teaching and learning. OZ
    • PHILADELPHIA GRAPHING CALCULATING COMMITTEE - Serving the Math and Science Community around the World (who use TI calculators!) USA.
    • Visit the TI Graph Link site to download recent versions of the calculator - PC software and other programs.

    TI : Other Resources

    • Heineman Mathematics have a publication Graphics Calculator Worksheets by Marj Horne and Bruce Henry, aimed primarily at Years 9 and 10. Fully photocopiable worksheets for TI-81, 82 and 83 calculators. Cost around $53. Try them in WA on (08) 9244 1700 for more details.
    • More than Graphs. 40 reproducible graphics calculator activities for TI calculators (Grades 7-11). Programs on disk to upload via PCs also included. From OLM again.
    • Graphing Power Activities for the TI-81 and TI-82 at 2 levels - Middle School (grades 7-8) or High School (Grades 9-12). Explorations, OETs, problem solving Blackline Masters. $? From Objective Learning Materials (See Casio page for contact info).
    • Programs for the TI-81 and TI-82 calculators. 70 programs - either spiral bound book for manual entry or disk for PC download. From OLM again.
    • More than Graphs Activities for the TI Graphics Calculators (Grades 7-11). 40 reproducible activities with key maps to help students locate calculator functions. Also disk of programs for uploading. From OLM.
    • Investigating Mathematics with the TI-81. 40 reproducible projects and investigations in the form of Blackline Masters aimed at Grades 8-12. From OLM again.
    • Statistics Handbook for the TI-83 by Larry Morgan. Due for release in Feb '97, this is a collection of topics making the most of the TI-83 in upper school and university statistics courses. Contact your local TI dealer nearer the time.
    • Exploring Maths Problems with the TI-82 and 83 by Ian Lowe and Chris Barling. Aimed to assist students in the efficient use of their calculators - as a complement to regular text books. $15 approx. From Longman Publishers.
    • Geometric Investigations for the Classroom on the TI-92 by Charles Vonder Embse and Arne Engebretsen. From TI dealers.
    • Discovering Math on the TI-92 by Brueningsen, Turley, Gough, Brueningsen and Bower. An activities workbook with worksheets, teacher notes and tips. From TI dealers.
    • 92 Geometric Explorations on the TI-92 by Michael Keyton. Activities to encourage students to formulate their observations in the form of a conjecture. From TI dealers.
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