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Heaps of free resources for Casio fx-9860G models recently added to our new site. Programs, eActivities, spreadsheets and more can be found on our fxNews pages...

fxNews was a series of eight CD's purchased by schools and students on a subscription basis from Casio Solutions in 2006 and 2007. We're now offering free access to this resource on these pages.

Each edition of fxNews contains programs, eActivities and spreadsheets to load into an fx-9860G, together with tutorials, tips and tricks on so on to help users get the best out of their fx-9860G graphimg calculators.

The links below will open each edition of fxNews in a new window.

Edition 6.1 · Edition 6.2 · Edition 6.3 · Edition 6.4
Edition 7.1 · Edition 7.2 · Edition 7.3 · Edition 7.4


We recently updated these pages and went mobile friendly, so now our site should be easy to read and navigate on any device.

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